As a service to solid waste and recycling professionals, RecycleWorlds is providing information on waste sorts.  The data base provides the results of waste composition studies done by others. The how to book describes, in layman terms, how to conduct a waste sort.  Our WasteSort software simplifies the task of doing statistical analysis on waste samples.

RecycleWorlds advises businesses and government agencies on planning new, and refining existing, recycling systems to be cost effective. Of especial note, in addition to waste composition analyses, is our work in making collection systems and glass and plastic handling systems more efficient.  

We can be reached at: 

    4513 Vernon Blvd., Suite 15  
    Madison, Wisconsin 53705-4964  
    phone -- (608) 231-1100  
    fax -- (608) 233-0011 
    e-mail -- recycle@msn.fullfeed.com